Shift by Rachel Vincent Review


I just finished the 5th book, Shift, in the WereCats series by Rachel Vincent. I loved it! I can’t wait for the final book, Alpha, to come out. In the 5th book, Faythe, the South Central Pride’s Alpha’s daughter, is struggling to protect Kaci, a newly found tabby with no home, and ensure her safety as well as being right square in the middle of a love triangle. She goes above and beyond the call of duty in her enforcer responsibilities to protect her charge, Kaci. Her duties take her to her Dad’s rival Pride’s compound where she must snatch one of his enforcers to bring some necessary evidence to the Thunderbirds, all in order to save Kaci from a nasty demise at the hands of the Thunderbirds.

In this book, Faythe must deal with the death of her closest brother Ethan. In dealing with his death, she connects to his best friend Jace. They always flirted back and forth, but innocently, until the night of Ethan’s death. One too many swigs of Tequila and Faythe is forced to see that her feelings for Jace are more than what she suspected. There is a strong connection there and she loves him, but she loves her longtime on again/off again boyfriend Marc as well. How can you love two men at the same time? Faythe finds out quickly.

Jace and Faythe decide to keep their one night together a secret from Marc until the drama ends. But if the previous four books are any indication, that’s not happening anytime soon.

While on Malone’s compound Dean, an enforcer of the rival Pride, spills the beans about her and Jace in front of Marc. Talk about timing. After given the details, Marc insists she has to choose and says the one she doesn’t chose must leave. She’s loved Marc forever. And Jace has been in her live for as long as she can remember as her brother Ethan’s best friend. Now that Ethan’s gone, she doesn’t see how she can send him away. His stepdad (Malone) wants him dead, so he can’t go there. He has no place to go. And like it or not, she loves him too. She can’t even explain the connection she feels to him. As soon as they get back to camp she must decide.

Faythe is an awesome character who gives everything she does 110%. She is always worried about everyone but herself. She lives to make other people happy and seldom thinks about the consequences to herself.

Rachel Vincent is an awesome author. Her books draw you into their world so completely that you feel like you know all the characters first hand. I love this series and can’t wait for Alpha to come out! Another one of her series “Soul Screamers” is great too! Well one review done, and many more to come (I hope). Please let me know what you think. Is there anything I should do differently? Next review will be on Chicagoland Vampire Series Book 3 Twice Bitten by Chole Neill.

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